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best double jogging strollers

A double jogging stroller is becoming very popular with the parents who once loved to do jogging on a regular basis but now facing the problem because of having their twins or same aged babies. Having the best double jogging stroller for your kids will not only help you to get your body back but also take your kids closer to nature and enjoy meeting new people which will surely develop their psychology as well.

Before buying a double jogging stroller from the market, you should at least know the basic things. Because without having any idea on this double jogging stroller, you may end up with worst experience ever. when you will search the best double jogging strollers, you will find a lot of websites there on google. some are very informative and well organized, whereas some are very confusing with low-quality content.

Don’t get confused!!!

I have spent a lot of hours behind this and tried to collect all the important information that one needed before buying any double jogging strollers for their twins.I can assure you that at least you will able to understand the difference between the best and worst along with the all the necessary information.

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Key features considering the best double jogging stroller

Fixed front wheel

The fixed front wheel will give you an extra control of the stroller properly. This is must for any double jogging stroller no matter what the budget is.

best double jogging strollerSunshade

A good sunshade system will add an extra feature to your stroller that will save your child from the UV rays. This should be flexible and extendable too.

Reliable suspension system

To avoid any stress from bumps in the road or terrain, this suspension system will ensure the smoother ride for your little baby during your jogging

Pneumatic tires with polymer wheel

The pneumatic tires on high impact polymer wheels will offer an extra feature for on or off-road adventures for the parents.

Large Storage Basket

A large storage basket will add some extra space for you and I am sure you won’t mind having this in you double jogging stroller. It is very useful for you when you come out with your two little babies. You can use them to keep snacks toys and more for the babies.

Adjustable padded handlebar

This one is another special feature for the best double jogging stroller. With an adjustable handlebar, you can easily feel comfortable according to your heights.

Five or three-point harness system

A five or at least three-point harness seat belt is necessary to keep your baby safe during jogging. If you don’t have this and somehow you forced to make a sudden stop in your running, it can create a serious damage to your little baby.

Snack trays and cup holders

Without a water bottle during jogging it quite difficult to stay hydrated. So, it better to have an option with the strollers to carry a bottle of water or some snacks during the jogging

Besides all these features some other features that one should keep his/her mind are better Folding option, wrist strap, a good parking brake system and an adjustable sitting position and many more.

As there are hundreds of brands with thousands of offers around you, you must keep calm and need to ensure that these features are available in the double jogging strollers which you are choosing for your babies.

Top 5 Best Double Jogging Stroller | Editor’s choice

Sl No.Model NameStroller WeightWeight CapacityPriceDetails
1Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger25 lbs50 lbs$174.95Click Here
2Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller37 lbs50 lbs$412.19Click Here
3Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller36 lbs95 lbs$503.62Click Here
4BOB 2016 Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Jogging Stroller33.1 lbs50 lbs$659.99Click Here
5BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Jogging Stroller33.1 lbs70 lbs$639.99Click Here

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller


Best Double jogging stroller in 2018

This Baby trend expedition double jogger stroller is something that is affordable for anyone as this one is less than 200$. The main and special feature for this jogging stroller is its beautifully designed bicycle tires.

If you don’t know about the advantage of this bicycle tires then I tell you, you can use this stroller on any terrain like grass or concrete or any rough trails. There is a locking knob that helps you to control the stroller easily.

The weight of this stroller is 32 pounds and can capable to carry 100 pounds in total. The folding is easy with a trigger option. It has not adjustable handle but I can assure you that if your height is average than there will be no problem.

This stroller has the tethering strap that helps of being attached to your wrist at all times during jogging. Its seats are padded and also comfortable with an extra-large canopy. The best part of its storage facilities is that it has some inside mesh pockets with a parent tray which is the unique features of this double jogging stroller. It is very beautiful, useful as well.

Besides this, the large storage basket under the seat has to different compartments that help you to carry your two children’s things separately.

The only disadvantage that comes to my mind is that it is not compatible with the car seats. But apart from this, I can guarantee you that you will not able to find anything better than this under 200$ budget with a lot of good features and better performances. Go and grab this one before it finishes.

What I Like MostWhat I Don’t Like
✅ Comfortable and style

✅ The large basket for excellent storage.

✅ Durable frame and high-quality carbon.

✅ The seats are multi-positional.

✅ Cup holders and parent tray.

⚠ No tray or cup holder for children.

⚠ The rubber pneumatic bicycle tires may need to replace or repair very often.

⚠ Very little support between the two seats.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller

Best Double jogging stroller in 2018This one is one of the best double jogging strollers for twins, toddler, newborn or tall kids for 2018. This stroller is unique with its feature and easy to use as well. About the price, the baby jogger summit X3 double stroller is not too much expensive. You can put this one in the medium price range strollers.

The eye-catching part for this is that when you are jogging you can lock the front wheel that gives you a stable jogging than others. Another thing is its front wheel lock is on the handlebar that’s why you don’t need to bend your knee to lock the wheel

The rear brakes are also hand operated. For me, this double jogging stroller is one of the easiest in terms of managing for joggers. As an addition, the front and rear tires are 12 inches and 16 inches and air-filled too which offer a very smooth and stable ride to you

This one is quite lightweight comparing other strollers. I am sure that 35 pounds will to occur any trouble for you. Right? But the capacity of this stroller is almost 100 pounds.

I already told you that the lock of this double jogging stroller is in the hand of jogger so it is more safe and easy to handle. With the 5 points harnesses, this becomes one of the best double jogging strollers in the market right now for no doubt.

The suspension system of this stroller is very good that offer your children a comfortable ride along with you. Your little babies will not feel any pain due to pump on the road at all.

About the material, I can say that you have not to be worried as it uses high-quality material which is durable for a long time.

Regarding other feature this baby jogger summit X3 double jogging stroller, it has a large storage basket and both seats are very soft and the canopies are very large too.

About the price, I can say that this one is a mid-price range stroller with the extra feature which will surely make you feel that you choose the best double jogging stroller from the market.

What I Like MostWhat I Don’t Like
✅ Can be reclined easily.

✅ The canopies are adjustable to many positions.

✅ This stroller can be fitted with car seats.

✅ Durable and long-lasting materials.

⚠ The suggested maximum head height is very limited and it is just 23”.

⚠ Most of the accessories need to buy separately.

⚠ The wheels begin to wobble and make noise after use.

 Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller

Best double jogging stroller in 2018_

Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller is another popular stroller in 2018. This one is also a mid-range stroller which has almost all the feature that one parent would ask for. This one is a sports stroller that builds for all terrains. With 16 inches front wheel this double jogging stroller can perform very smoothly on any trail.

The dual rear parking brake can be used to stop anytime if you want. The adjustable handle will help you in the maneuvering.

The quick adjustment tracking will help you to go straight with this double jogging stroller. The weigh of the stroller is 36 pounds which are quite lightweight than other double jogging strollers. Besides this, you can easily remove the wheel during shifting anywhere.

Honestly speaking I just love the folding system of this very beautiful double jogging stroller. You can easily handle the stroller and it is very safe for your children. The 5-point harnesses for both seats will protect your babies from any kind of accident. You can easily use the rear brake to stop immediately for some safety purpose. This one of the best double jogging stroller’s frame is also made of aluminum which is very durable for a long time.

The special part of this stroller is you can easily clean its seat by removing simply. The two interior mesh pocket will help you to carry your daily necessary things with you during jogging. This twin stroller has a large canopy that will protect your baby from the rain as well as sun. the seat is padded and very comfortable for your little babies. As I said earlier that it is highly recommended to wait 6 months for your baby from the birth.

This stroller is very compatible with the universal car seat adapter. All this feature with a very low budget forced me to give it a place in my best double jogging stroller in 2018 list. If you like the design then you can buy this Tike Tech Double City X3 Swivel Stroller for your lovable baby without any hesitation.

What I Like MostWhat I Don’t Like
✅ Infant car seat compatible.

✅ 5-point harnesses system.

✅ All terrain and all-weather sports jogger.

✅ Adjustable handle.

✅ One step fold.

⚠ Child and parent’s tray is missing.

 BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller


best double jogging stroller( I said earlier, BOB is the leader in the market for a double jogging stroller and with this strides, dualie fitness stroller offers you some outstanding features

This stroller will offer you a smooth and comfortable jogging for your children with a very good suspension system. Its front swiveling wheel is very easy to handle. The tires are pneumatic and the wheels are made with polymer composite.

This one is very lightweight with only 34 pounds which is easy to move. It has more than a storage system with it. This double jogging stroller can take around 100 pounds of weight on it. Its non-adjustable handle is the only disadvantage that I found during a study on this. But the height is perfect for most of the parents. This is quite comfortable with the wrist strap.

The lock for both front wheel and rear wheel will offer you a safe ride along with the 5-point harness that protects your baby from any kind of falling. This double jogging stroller is made of high strength aluminum.

Both seats for your twins have the 5-point harness and the canopies will protect your little children from UV rays. The padded seats are very much comfortable as well. With the extra four interior mesh pockets, you can easily carry anything like toys for your little baby and also some water bottle with some snacks for you as well.

You can use car seats with this by using car seat adapter. This is one of the best double jogging strollers at present and if you are very passionate about jogging then don’t think twice about buying this BOB stroller strides duallie from here.

What I Like MostWhat I Don’t Like
✅ More than one storage option

✅ Fitness stroller

✅ Wrist strap

✅ The 5-point harness system

✅ Both wheel lock

✅ Smooth and comfortable

⚠ Child and parent’s tray is missing.

 BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Best double jogging stroller in 2018( Revolution SE Duallie Stroller is another perfect one for any jogging freak parents in 2018. You can use this fantastic stroller not only for jogging but also for some other daily activities like shopping, walking with your twins, newborn children.

The weight of this stroller is 34 pounds which carrying capacity is almost 100 pounds in total. This one is a unique one because you can use this even though you have children of different ages.

Honestly, I can say that this one is a very good one as a long-time investment. Among the feature, the wheel of the stroller is swivel that offers you the stability of the wheel lock. This is very easy for its simple mechanism.

The wheel is made of high impact polymer composite and the stroller use the dobby weave fabric which is water resistant too. The frame is made of high strength aluminum.

It has the parking brake system that makes your jogging easier than others. The tires are pneumatic with a great suspension system. This best double jogging stroller has two different knob system. One is lock put a pin and another one is tracking knob.

Its handling system is quite fabulous than other strollers even though it is not adjustable. The 5-point harness system also makes your child safe during your jogging like other BOB models. the storage options are galore in BOB revolution double jogging stroller. Besides this the canopies are extra large that will provide ample shade to both children.

The last one among all the feature is the wrist strap that will give you a very comfortable and easy and safe jogging. With all these features I have selected this double jogging stroller as one of the best for 2018.

What I Like MostWhat I Don’t Like
✅ Four storage option

✅ Wrist strap

✅ A 5-point harness system

✅ Both wheel lock

✅ Smooth and comfortable

⚠ Child and parent’s tray is missing.

⚠ Most of the parts need to buy separately.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Double Jogging Strollers

Why I need the best Double Jogging Stroller?

If you have twins or two children at the same age and you want to enjoy jogging with your children, then you must need a double jogging stroller so that you can take your twins or two little kids and goes out for jogging without any problem. You never have to worry about your kids as they will be safe and sound inside of the stroller with the safety belts.

Best double jogging stroller in 2018When can I use this double jogging stroller?

It is highly recommended for you to use this double jogging stroller only if your babies are six months old or more than this. This should be followed to ensure the safety of your twins or little kids because you know baby less than six months is not as strong physically as he or she can sit on a stroller for few hours. Even after knowing this if you want to use double jogging stroller at your kids early age then have to buy some special accessories such as bassinets and some other accessories as well.

What is the difference between the double jogging stroller and regular stroller?

The double jogging stroller will give you more control and great comfort to your baby than a regular stroller. As most of the double jogging stroller have at least three wheels option, it will offer you a good grip with high stability that helps you to run effortlessly. But the regular baby stroller will not offer you these same facilities like the three-wheel stroller.

What needs to consider before buying a double jogging stroller?

Before buying a best double jogging stroller you should check the following points carefully.

  • The first and most important one is “purpose”. Ask yourself why you want to use this double jogging stroller? Are you a serious jogger? If the answer is yes, then I tell you that do not hesitate to invest better for high-quality one. Because if you compromise with the quality to save a small amount of money, I guarantee you, you will regret in the long run for this. Besides this, it’s a matter of your baby’s comfort, so I will definitely suggest you spend a little more to choose the best double jogging stroller for your babies. It will give your kids a great comfort which makes him/her happy as well.

But on the other hand, if you need this for some general usage then you can go for some normal one with little investment. I personally against this point because if I were you, I will never compromise on anything which is directly related to my kid’s comfort.

So, the decision is yours now. Think wisely and fix your purpose.

  • The second one is “Budget”. you have to fix your budget before buying the best double jogging stroller for your kids only if you have any limitation with investing. Because if you don’t fix your budget before, it may create confusion in your mind as we all know there are thousands of different companies with a lot of options around you. So, it’s better to fix the budget but it’s not mandatory always. I have already made my points clear if you have no problem with invest then choose the best one. But the point is if you have fixed budget then have to find the best double jogging stroller among that budget that’s it.

Don’t worry! You will get the best double jogging stroller with different price range here in this article. Just keep patience and continue reading.

  • best double jogging strollerThe Third one is “Design”. The design is the key for any double jogging stroller. Besides this, the material that is used for the stroller is also important. If you are looking for a lightweight double jogging stroller then the aluminum frame would do the trick for you.
  • The fourth one is “Durability”. As you have to invest a lot for the best double jogging stroller, you should have a look at the durability of the product. The most durable material for a stroller is steel or aluminum alloy for frames, durable fabric, pneumatic tires and polymer wheels which could easily make a stroller classy one.
  • The fifth one is “Accessories you required”. Before buying the double jogging stroller every parent should know about the accessories that are required along with the stroller. Not all the accessories are necessary but some of them are must if you and your little kids want a comfortable jogging. Actually, Accessories depends on the brand of the double jogging stroller.
  • The last one and the most important one is “safety concern”. You should not neglect this point no matter which brand you choose. For safety issue, the different brand offers different features. This also depends on your child age because for more small kids the safety should be more. Normally it should have 3 or 5-point harness system that will secure your kids during your running. The braking system should also be good for the best double jogging stroller.
What should be the weight limit for the best double jogging strollers?

There is no standard for the weight limit for a stroller. Generally, the limit is in between 60-100 pounds. But it varies model to model and depends on the growth of your little kids. So, Don’t forget to check your child’s weight to choose the right one.

best double jogging strollerAre there any CONS for a double jogging stroller?

If you ask this to me I would say I don’t find any serious problem with a double jogging stroller. But yes, maybe some users not like the size of the stroller as it may difficult to handle for them. Another thing is the weight of a double jogging stroller which can be considered as a problem for some people. But you should understand these things is very normal for this type of strollers.

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What is the most popular brand for a double jogging stroller?

Best double jogging strollerHonestly speaking the brand choice vary person to person. But I can tell you about some brands who are dealing with this double jogging stroller for years and you can easily rely on them without any doubt.

The major brands of some best double jogging stroller are BOB, Trend & Baby jogger, Instep.

From my point of view, BOB is the leader in this market for so many years. You can choose any of their product based on your budget.

Another one is Instep double jogging stroller which you can choose as well to use in indoors and outdoors. Instep double jogging strollers offer more functions with different features for your little kids.

The last one for me is baby trend brand who have some remarkable product that you like for your child. The most important point for Baby Trend is that they have a very wide price range on products and you can choose according to your budget easily.

Final Suggestion

I strongly believe that my all hard work will help you to find the best double jogging strollers for your little baby twins. It will save your valuable time. I tried to give all the answer to your queries regarding this as well as tried to manage some best strollers with the different price range for a variety of parents.

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