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by M. Mehedi | Last Updated January 4, 2018

best figure skatesIf you are passionate about Figure skating this article is only for you. this article will give you a complete guideline and advice on choosing best figure skates according to your skating ability. Before buying the best figure skates one must consider the following things to ensure the best quality and choose the best one which will serve the purpose. I know finding the best one among thousands of options is a difficult task too, but trust me you will able to find the best solution for you within next 15 minutes.

Some features of best figure skates


best figure skatesboots will give you the ultimate comfort along with the stability on ice. it is very important to check the material of the boots. if you are focused on more professional activities then it’s better to choose the leather one which may be a little bit expensive but will give you the best ankle support and offers you better stability. on the other hand, if you are searching for less expensive figure skates then you must select the synthetic leather boots. but remember that it will not to give you that ankle support which you will find in genuine leather boots. another important thing you should keep in mind that stiffness is one major quality for professional skating. But if you are a beginner, it is highly recommended not to select the stiff skates because it will make your journey more difficult.

So, think twice before you buy!


The blade is another most important factor you should consider before buying the best figure skates, shorter blades are for dancing skates where longer blades are usually used in freestyle figure skates.

the blades are screwed under the boots directly in a professional skate which will give you good comfort and be balancing the ice. another thing for the blade is sharpness of the blade because a sharp blade will help you to maintain better performance on the ice.

So, decide first which type of skating you like!

best figure skatesOther eye-catching Features

Among thousands of options around you, some eye-catching features will help you to find to best one easily. every top-class brand will offer some special features to keep their product ahead of others. check the following features for your understanding.

Heel Counters

Are You an advance skater? then you must consider these heel counters feature because it will give you an extra support if you like jumping or spinning.


Reinforcement will give you an extra ankle support during skating over ice. and I think you already know the importance of ankle support during skating. this is important for those who want to move from intermediate stage to advance stage.

Quarter Padding

Quarter padding with the boot is another special feature which will increase the stability of your skates. But keep that in mind that this will increase the price of your figure skates.

So, neglect the price issue if you want a good comfortable skating on the ice.

best figure skatesSome top trusted brands for figure skates

Among thousands of options from different brands in the market, you may confuse choosing the best figure skates for you. Check some of the top trusted brands for figure skates bellow.


Jackson is one of the most trusted brands for figure skates current time. Don Jackson founded this company in 1966 and has grown to one of the most trusted renowned sellers of figure skates around the world. Nowadays they manufacture different figure skates according to skater’s requirements. this is the main reason for giving the satisfaction to all buyers.


Riedell is another top-class company in the business of figure skates. with more than 70 years of experience, they always ensure the quality product along with a lot of eye-catching design. quality is the first priority for them. Paul Riedell, the founder of Riedell loved to do ice skating as well as roller skating in best figure skateshis early days. After his death, now his grandchildren continue to carry the legacy to move forward. Riedell always tries to provide comfortable skates with good performance for a beginner as well as for the professional skaters.

Hope you know all the important features that anyone needs to consider before choosing the best figure skates along with some top brands for this.

Here I will give you 5 best figure skates along with their pros and cons so that It will be easier for you to make a comparison and buy the suitable one for you

5 Best figure skates of 2018 | Editor’s choice

Jackson Ultima Softec Elite ST7002 

Jackson-Ultima-Softec-Elite-ST7002-Jackson Ultima Softec Elite ST7002 -Best Figure Skates

These skates are one of the best combinations of comfort and performance. Its Fully lined upper & tongue with cushy foam padding will give you the maximum comfort by keeping your feet warm on the ice and the Velcro fastening ankle strap will ensure best support. The blade will provide you the best performance like any professional skates do for you. its stylish design will give an attractive outlook among all other figure skates in the market.


  • The plush foam lining will give Warm and comfort.
  • Great ankle support.
  • Best for intermediate or beginning skaters.
  • Stylish one.


  • more of a recreational skate than a professional one.

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Lake Placid Glider 4000 Women’s Figure Ice Skate

If you are searching for something with a combination of traditional style and modern design, this Lake Placid Glider Figure Ice Skate is the best option for you. This figure Ice skate will provide you best fit, comfort and warmth as well. Its soft foam padding will offer you best comfort and stability on the ice. the vinyl outer with soft velvet lining will give you a warm feeling.

If you want to move from beginner to advanced skater, this Lake Placid Glider Figure Ice Skate is the best solution.


  • good ankle support
  • Durable design
  • extra warmth
  • Stylish outlook
  • Waterproof sole


  • Blades are not that sharp

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Riedell 625 SS Soar Men’s Figure Ice Skates

Riedell-625-SS-Soar-Men’s-Figure-Ice-SkatesIf you are a beginner and searching for a comfortable skate, trust me this one is only for you. it’s handmade lining inside will provide the safety of your feet where the foam quarter padding gives you additional comfort so that you can do skating for a long time. Its stylish design makes it unique from others. additionally, the Riedell will provide PVC soles with these skates.


  • any size available both for men and women.
  • longer comfort
  • best for recreational skaters
  • ankle support
  • Easy to maintain


  • blades need to be sharper
  • Durability
  • Material is synthetic leather instead of genuine leather

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American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates

This one is the top-selling figure skates on the market for women. If you are searching for a comfortable skate with a good outlook, you can choose this skate by closing your eyes. This is very easy to clean. There is a plastic protector attached to the blades that are a part of the packaging. Its tricot lining will offer you great balance and comfort. The nickel-plated blades will give you a good balance on the ice.

If you are planning to start skating this tricot lined ice skate is the best option for you.


  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • great looking.
  • Built for comfort
  • Durable PVC boot.
  • Good multi-layered Ankle support.
  • Form-fitting padded tongue.


  • Not recommended for professional skaters.

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Riedell 615 Ice Figure Skates Soar for Children

this one is the best skates for your kids in recent time. The quarter padding and quilted lining of the boot make it very comfortable at children’s feet. Its Velcro strap will ensure secure fastening for both boys and girls. It will add extra comfort and durability for your kids. This is available in different colors. As this one is for only for kids, color variation is a plus point for them. This figure skate is perfect for beginners to learn skating on ice.


  • Comfortable for children.
  • Made for beginners.
  • Good ankle support.
  • Easy and secure fastening.


  • Need to be more sharpened.

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Final thought

Before doing anything or buying anything you should ask yourself why you want to do this or want to buy this. Because if you buy anything without any particular reason your money may go in vain. As this is a matter of buying figure skates, you must need to understand your skills and abilities. Choice of skates may differ according to your skill.

I have already given you some best options of figure skates above. But keep that in your mind that every skate may not fit at your feet, so check every possible feature of different skates and then purchase the best figure skates! For other outdoor gears click here.

Have a good skating!

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