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by M. Mehedi | Last Updated May 21, 2018

Best self balancing scooters


It’s not been a very long time when the riding bike was the most precious moments for anyone. but in last few years, the two-wheel self-balancing scooters replace it. it is becoming more popular day by day because of its easy usage. This is also known as “Hoverboard”. You can use this easy to go anywhere as long as the battery is alive. As there are a lot of options out there, it is a very difficult task to select the best self balancing scooters. Don’t worry!! I am here to help you to select the best one among thousands of options around you.

I will suggest you the 5 best self balancing scooters on the market for you and I can guarantee you that after next 10 minutes you will able to understand which hoverboard will suit you more.

Let’s ask yourself some basic questions!

Do you know why a self-balancing scooter is different from another bike?


✅ A hoverboard Runs on battery.

✅ It’s very Easy to control.

✅ It’s Lightweight than another bike.

✅ Needless maintenance.

✅ most importantly It is an Eco-friendly one.

Some factors that you must consider before buying a hoverboard


➔ First, compare the best Features among different brands.

➔ Ask yourself why you need a scooter.

➔ Another most important thing to consider is its appearance.

➔ The last thing is the main point and that is its price.


Are you getting confused? Please Don’t!!

Here I will give you the reviews about 5 best hoverboards which will fulfill all your requirements. Keep patience and read them all.

Top 5 Best Self balancing Scooters 2018 | Editor’s Choice

Halo Rover- Best Self Balancing Scooters of 2018

Halo Rover- Best self balancing scooters of 2017


Let’s allow us to present you the smartest hoverboard in the market, Halo Rover which is one of the best self balancing scooters from our wishlist. You are definitely thinking exactly which features make this self-balancing scooter smartest among all, right?

Let’s figure this out!

the main things of this hoverboard are its indestructible non-flat 8.5-inch tires with a higher weight limit of 265 pounds and the high-density aluminum chassis.

Another impressive thing for this hoverboard is the No fall technology with ride assist which will give you a proper balance. With the UL 2272 certification with LG battery and the highest customer review, this hoverboard becomes very popular to all. Another exciting feature of it is the build in Bluetooth speaker and a mobile app to play music. You can also track the battery life as well as the mileage with the app. the maximum speed limit is 10 mph and this will not overheat or malfunction. the most powerful dual 400W motors will allow you to move on the grass or uneven road easily. this is also ipx4- certified water and dust resistance. Besides its ride assistance technology will help you to learn the riding very easily.

During our research on all other hoverboards, we found this halo rover hoverboard is a unique one and takes the 1st place undoubtedly to buy.



Epikgo Hoverboard – The Top Performer of 2018

Epikgo hoverboard


This Epikgo- will seize the second place of our list with its great performance in spite of the higher price tag.

this hoverboard has the all-terrain wheel and 400W dual motors that will ensure the higher performance. you can easily climb up to 18-degree slopes with this beast although it is about almost 30% bigger than the other hoverboard in the market. you can move into the sand dirt or any uneven road as its casing is IP56 certified. the maximum speed for this Epikgo hoverboard is 10mph. Its larger wheel will help you to learn the ride with it although the training mode is not available for this. Its lighting system will help the walker to predict the movement of yours easily.

The main problem for this one of the best self-balancing scooter is its low battery life which will last only 60 minutes but you can change this within 2 hours.

In spite of this only problem, you can choose Epikgo hoverboard if you have any plan for the off-road or off-season ride in near future.


Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – The Smartest Hoverboard of 2018

Razor Hovertrax 2.0


The 3rd one of our list is Razor Hovertrax 2.0 which separates itself from its silent operation with higher efficiency from another one. This hoverboard also has the UL 2272 certificate, which proves that it passes all the safety test with the best quality LG battery.

the maximum speed for this hovertrax 2.0 is more than 10mph and the dual motors of 350 watts will offer the silent operation with great efficiency.

The interesting thing about the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is that it comes with Razor’s own Ever Balance technology which gives you the better balance on a difficult situation by allowing you to stand on it. It has the blue LED light bar display and LED battery power indicator. the two riding modes along with the handy training mode helps the beginner to adjust to this easily.

the battery life is the only object of thought for this as it’s runtime is around 60 minutes. Another con for this hoverboard is it cannot climb uphill easily. In spite of these things, we can say this is one of the best hoverboards within this price range.



Segway miniPRO HoverBoard

Segway miniPRO


segway mini pro is the next premium thing in our best self balancing scooters list which is absolutely a beast in the market. segway is one of the leading manufacturers of the hoverboard. they offer a lot of features which must fulfill your needs. Two colors, white and black with red accents are available for one of this best self-balancing scooter.

You can connect this device to your phone using the Bluetooth as well as the free app by which you can control the operation, Anti-theft alarm, speed control vehicle diagnostics and firmware updates as well. like other hoverboards on our list, this one also offers the UL 2272 certification which means your scooter is highly protected. the maximum weight that the hoverboard can carry is 220 pounds. It is made of durable aircraft grade magnesium alloy with a corrosion resistant material to make it last longer and the 10.5-inch pneumatic air filter tires are capable of very good shock absorption for you. the dual motor engine like hola rover will give you the speed of 10mph and the distance of 14 miles with fool charge.

The padded knee control bar will give you the best comfort without taking too much effort. You can travel a 15-degree slope safely and smoothly. the led lighting system will make the hoverboard a stylish one. moreover, this Segway mini pro is lightweight (28 pounds) and very durable comparing others.

although the size of the hoverboard is bigger than others and also the price tag, the awesome design along with its higher battery life and higher speed and better security system makes this beast one of the best hoverboards in 2017.


Swag Tron T1 – Another Amazing Hoverboard of 2018

Swag Tron T1Swagtron T1 is the one that we will suggest as the last best self balancing scooters on our list.

This Comes out with UL 2272 certification that ensures the maximum satisfaction and security. The 300-watt dual motors will offer you more than the 8mph speed with a range of 12 miles. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will give you the backup for to 2-3 hours on a single full charge. the hoverboard has the Bluetooth speaker, a handle. The swagtron T1, the amazing hoverboard is the top pick for its smooth riding, lightweight, stylish design.


(courtesy: Road2Wisdom)

Final thought

I have tried to give you an overall review of top 5 best self balancing scooters here. I hope this will help you to choose the best one according to your choice. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries on this.

Happy Scooting!

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