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by M. Mehedi | Last Updated January 10, 2018

Best Squash Racquets Review


You are thinking of starting squashing but unfortunately, you have a few knowledge on best squash racquets. Don’t worry! Just go through this article and I can guarantee you that you will able to find the best one suitable for you after next 20 minutes.

So, Let’s Start!

Before choosing the best squash racquet, you need to understand your skill first. Then you have to fix your budget as you know there are thousands of options around you at different prices. After this, you have to consider the size of the racquets, weight, string patterns, head shapes, grips, and most importantly the materials for the best squash racquets. Once you understand all these factors, it will be easier to find the perfect squash racquet for you.

Factors need to consider before buying a squash racquets


Best Squash Racquets ReviewBefore fixing your budget, always remember that investing more doesn’t always ensure the better one. You know what this is just a sports tool, so don’t rush to spend more if you just start squashing.

You will find a good racquet for 30 to 50 $ to start your journey. But for professional squash, you have to select racket in higher price range to ensure better performance with better quality.


Size is another important factor in choosing a squash racquet. Mainly the size of the racquet depends on its head shape. There are two types of head one is round head and another one is extended head.  If you love to hit the ball so hard, it’s better to choose a racket with the greater area. This one is perfect for all the beginners. On the other hand, if you love to play solid swing in the corners and also in front of the court then choose the smaller head racquets. Check the chart for sizing of squash rackets.

Small head465-470 sq. cm
Mid-range head470-490 sq. cm
Large head490-505 sq. cm


The balance of a racquet means where all its weight works. for more power shot you must consider heading heavy racquets. It will also offer you a great swing with less effort.


As a beginner, you may not notice the difference on strings but actually, it plays a great role for squash rackets. The more you play with your racquet, the more you will understand its importance., the string’s qualities depend on its pattern and tension.

Thinner strings will give you more power but less durability than thicker strings. On the other hand, Thicker strings give you more control and more feel on the ball.

Besides, the tension of the string will provide more control also but increase the risk of breaking the strings too.


Normally a squash racquet is made of either aluminum or graphite composite. For a beginner, it’s better to select graphite racquets as it is lighter than aluminum. Graphite racket contains titanium or carbon or aerogel. This will provide better control as these are lightweight but one problem is that it is less durable than aluminum.


You will find three different weighted squash racquets in the market, light medium and heavy. Light racquets will weigh less than 130gm, mediums racquets will weigh between 130-150gm while heavy rackets will weigh more than 150 gm. It depends on your playing style which one you will choose to play. Light racquets are easy to control. Professional players mostly select lightweight racket. Medium weight one is a good combination Best Squash Racquets Reviewof power and control, intermediate level players love to select this type of racquets. the beginners who love to play power shot can choose heavyweight racket initially.


There are various types of grips you can use in your racquets. you can purchase this separately from the market. Some grips will provide you more stability with great control during changing your position in court.

String Pattern:

professional players have different types of preference on string pattern for their rackets. Most of them like close string patterns which help to spin the ball.

Now Let’s check 5 best squash racquets that might suit you with your playing style. You can select any racquet from this list if you want. but remember that this is just a recommendation

5 Best Squash Racquets Review in 2018

Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 – The best squash racquets 2018

Tecnifibre CarboFlexm125 The Best Squash Racquets

The Tecnifibre CarboFlex 125 is at the top of our best squash racquets list. Its weight is 125 gm which is very lightweight than other squash racquets in the market. The string pattern of this carboflex is 14×18 which increases the size of the sweet spot. The most interesting thing for this racket is its heavy head balance which will help to create more power during playing stroke. This racquet has a thin beam of 18mm. Above all this the great composition of graphite and basaltex of this racket increase its stiffness. But frankly speaking, this one is not for every player. Only if you already passed your intermediate level and developed your skill, you can choose this one.


  • Can generate power although it is a lightweight racquet
  • The string pattern of 14 x 18 added extra benefit to playing power shot.
  • Its heavy head balance helps to play a smooth stroke.


  • most expensive one.
  • A little bit difficult to control.
  • Beam length is higher than standard.


Head Microgel CT 135

Head Microgel CT 135

This one is highly recommended for women players as well as male intermediate level players from the best squash racquets list. This will offer both power and well control to a player. This one is a little bit heavier with a weight of 135 gm than carboflex 125 which provides a boost of power. The composition of graphite with microgel makes this racquet very lightweight and increase its stiffness to play power shot without deforming.

Its 16×17 string pattern with medium thickness beam will offer you great control in the court.


  • Its medium weight,135gm will offer more power without losing control.
  • Head balance will provide additional power.
  • The beam offers a great control with power.


  • the corrugated design may cause vibration due to the stiffness.
  • The string pattern of 16 x 17 may reduce the power a little.


Prince Squash Airstick 130 Racquet

Prince Airstick 130 Squash RacquetPrince Squash Airstick 130 Racquet is a great combination of power and control that any squash lover would love this racquet. If you are at the intermediate level of playing and still learning how to control squashing, then this is suitable for you.

This one is also suitable for those who love to play power shots. This racket offers you a great balance comparing others. It has a hybrid head which offers a good string length with a solid sweet spot for controlling well. Its 130gm weight provides a balance control than power. The composition of a titanium alloy and graphite composite makes this racket a balanced one among thousands of options. However, 480 sq. cm. Head is a little bit smaller than the standard 500 sq. cm that will reduce the power and size of the sweet spot.


  • solid balance between power and control.
  • medium weight.


  • Smaller Head than standard size.
  • The string pattern of 16 x 17 force control over power.
  • primarily titanium alloy is not better than higher graphite composite.


 Dunlop Squash Court Pack

Dunlop Squash Court Pack – The Best Beginner Player Racquet

This racquet is one of the best squash racquets for beginners from our list. This one is also the cheapest product. If you are thinking of starting squashing but confused on spending so much money, then this one is perfect for you to start the journey. You will find almost all the features that a player needs.

The Dunlop is beyond heavy in the squash racquet market. The weight is 175gm which is almost 30gm heavier than the standard one. for a beginner, this one is perfect as they love to play power shot than the solid swing. But the problem is this heavy racquet will detach you from learning skills of control. Its string pattern is 14×20 which will offer the additional control to the player. Its graphite alloy composition will provide a good balance of power with a little vibration during playing the shot.


  • generate more power.
  • Less vibration during playing the shot.
  • The cheapest product with good quality.


  • exceptionally heavy than another one.
  • Not good for the intermediate player or advance player.
  • Its string pattern will reduce the power for control.


Final thought

I have tried to list out here the best squash racquets which may help from a beginner to intermediate player and also advance level player.  But honestly speaking there is no ‘best’ for squash racket, as it differs player to player. One love to play power shot, another love to do solid swing. One suggestion for a beginner that it’s better to choose a little bit heavy racquet at the beginning and once you move to intermediate level then you can choose light racquets to play with swing and this will help you to move on the advanced level.

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