Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy is the most important thing for us. Here I will explain the privacy policy about my site and all the information that I share in this website. If you want to comment on my post, it requires your mail address. This is just needed to reply on your comment.


I use the technology named cookies to collect all info like date, time, time spend and others.


It is strictly prohibited to copy or reproduced any content including all the reviews from this website under any circumstance. If anyone use any review, video, content and other info’s from this website without taking any permission, legal action may be undertaken against that person or company.

Information to Collect from Cookies

During your visit, we will use cookies to make the difference between you and other users. Sometime we will use this cookie to prevent you from having logging in with security. Remember that cookies never collect any personal information or store any information about you.

Share or Sell the Information

We never share, sell or lease any kind of information given by you during visiting the website.

Regarding Other Web Sites Linked to Our Web Site

Please keep in your mind when you will click any of the link provided in my website, our privacy policy has no longer effect.

Changes in Ownership

Your information is asset to us. So even though the ownership of this site changes in future, it will have no impact on your information.

Policy Modifications

We have all the right to change or modify the privacy policy from time to time. But note that if we change any rules of this website we must mail you for the permission to do so. But we guarantee you that whatever the policy changes in future, we will not use any of your personal information ever.

Last updated October 20, 2017

If you have any query or have any questions about our privacy policy,

please contact us here without any hesitation.